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First of all, I would like to apologize for writing this blog anonymously & please be advised that the picture is just for illustration purpose . In fact, I just started this blog and I am working full time as well and I really don’t want to take a risk losing my job by exposing “my secret blogging life to my Bosses.lol” But the least, I can say about myself is that I am a M.B.A & Technology graduate from University of University of Houston, Texas, U.S.A & currently working in Banking Applications Development. Anyway, you will get to know me if you keep visiting my blogs and reading more and more interesting articles that I strive to write because I wasn’t a big fan of writing because I love talking.lol
About Us and Information Page - I care for pet

My passion for writing about Pets started when some dogs in need ads kept crossing my face book all the times and made me remembered my childhood with this little, beautiful and lovely puppy that my Dad bought from our neighbor and gave it to my brothers and I as Christmas gift. We named it “ Tommy’ after watching a movie where the main character called Tommy was kicking axx.lol We loved our ‘ Tommy” a lot because it was bringing so much joy & love to my brothers and I faces all the times.

Unfortunately , we had to give Tommy away to another neighbor because we had to leave the place and they wouldn’t allow us to take “ Tommy’ with us. This situation broke our hearts so bad .I still remember that my youngest brother refused eating as we couldn’t imagine our live without Tommy in the family. Therefore, I stayed in touch and kept following up with the new family of Tommy, but I found later that I was disturbing them and I stopped.

Anyway, I am 100% sure that some of you have similar stories like mine and I know you love animals as they are part of our lives most of the times. Therefore, we have to remember that just like human beings; pets need ready access to water in order to survive. Always provide a clean, fresh bowl of water to all animals in your care. Make it accessible by placing it near their food bowl, and remember to refill your pet’s water bowl at least two times a day. This will keep your pet cool, hydrated, and healthy. In addition to that , If your pet lives in water, like fish and turtles, clean aquariums at least once a week. Failing to do so could lead to smelly tanks and sick pets and you might start hating the “poor animal”. Also If you let your dog out in your fenced-in yard off-leash, be sure he is wearing tags and is micro chipped, and that the microchip is registered and your contact information is up-to-date. It is also a good idea to register your pet with Finding Rover. Always provide shade and shelter, along with water. Indoors, dogs also typically enjoy having their own dog bed and older dogs, in particular, may benefit from having an orthopedic bed.



In finish, all these ideas , recommendations, warnings and advises that I will be constantly posting in this blog aims to enforce your relationship with your best friend dog or cat, or whatever is your pet. I hope you will enjoy these contents of postings and articles and you will definitely share your stories and fun times with your pets in the upload section as well.

Thanks a lot as we love having you here!!