Why Do Dogs Want To Be Alone? 5 Reasons

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When you are home with your dog, you are always there for them. You are their comfort and protection. But sometimes, that comfort and protection can get in the way and prevent your dog from doing what they need. They need alone time. And they need your permission to have it. This post will focus on the reasons why your dogs want some alone time.

5 Reasons Why Dogs Want Some Alone Time


Sometimes, your dog will want to be alone. For example, if he is feeling sick and in pain or feeling down or distracted from other things that are demanding his attention. In this case, it might want to hide away from you for a while; it may appear more withdrawn than usual and turn its back on everything.


Sometimes dogs want to get some time alone because they might be feeling depressed in their way. Regrettably, there are circumstances under which your dog might become down in the dumps and begin acting differently than it normally would have. It could even happen suddenly if the cause is an event that makes them sad (for example having an owner go away for a while or re-homing).


When your pet is already advanced in age, it may become an irritable pet. Dogs may become irritable because of their advanced age and overall lessened health when compared to before. Physical complications and health issues are bound to arise, including deafness or dulled senses which could cause the dog to exhibit anxious or excitable behavior.

As a loving owner, it’s important to acknowledge these changes and act accordingly. Because of this change in behavior your dog might not be as eager as before to play around with you like he used to but instead prefer some me time.


Sometimes your dog needs to be left completely alone. When a canine feels fear, it’s normal for some of them to react by wanting to get away from whatever is scaring them, so they choose to do this by leaving the area that has got them scared. Many things can scare a dog like thunderstorms, lightning, and loud noises, just to name a few. So you should be aware, as they can bite you also.

Feeling Tired

No doubt dogs have a lot of energy but still, they can get tired. If you take your dog for a hike or run more than regular he may get tired. Dogs will often rest when their state of arousal decreases to more manageable levels. If you’re making a change to your dog’s routine, they might need time to get used to the changes and adapt accordingly which could lead them to feel very tired even if the amount of physical activity is well within bounds.


Dog owners are often surprised when they find that their dog wants to be left alone in a room. It can seem like strange behavior, but it can be explained by the fact that dogs enjoy being alone as much as they enjoy spending time with their owners. We hope this blog has helped you understand why your dog wants to be left alone in a room and that they are not trying to hide or become antisocial.

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