Check Your Pets DNA, How Can It help?

Pets are some of the most important beings we have in our lives and there is nothing more heartbreaking than losing them. But with advances in science, we can now make it easier for owners to know what the future may hold for their beloved pets. Today, we are going to talk about pet DNA test and how they can help your pet.

Pet DNA Test

Breed Information

One of the most exciting parts about adopting a dog knows which breeds are in your new pup. DNA testing can reveal what percentage of each breed is present in your pet. In addition to recognizing the main ingredients, you’re able to learn more about each element of your dog’s heritage as part of a larger whole. You can get to know about their appearance, temperament, and history.

Nutritional Requirement

DNA kits can also help you provide not just the best nutrition for your pet but might help to offer nutritional advice based on your dog’s size and breed. For example, after receiving their DNA results, owners liked that the kits provided information about their dog’s physical needs such as whether they need more assistance with digesting their food or helping with the upkeep of their coat, skin, or joints. Analyzing each aspect of dogs is important in making sure that owners are getting these breeds the most appropriate diet to help them thrive.

Health Risks

If you like knowing about your dog’s genetic health risks and want to ensure that their DNA is screened for genetic diseases, you may want to look for a kit like 38 Paws that includes a health screening as well as traits. Some kits can screen for over 200 genetic diseases related to each of the traits your dog inherits from their breed mix because many of these conditions go hand-in-hand.

If your dog’s DNA test results in any positive testing or is a carrier, you have the chance to be proactive and understand what exactly the possible symptoms may look like at least with this particular genetic disease.

Breeding Advice

If you’re at all interested in dog breeding, it’s important to first know about the health status of your animal. This is especially if you intend to take part in an activity that could increase certain health-related conditions in your dog including any genetic defects. Fortunately, DNA testing kits can be purchased online nowadays (a few minutes to check out our page), and they are quite easy to use.

No doubt there are tons of DNA kits available but if you are really concerned about your pets 38 paws can really help you in getting all the information you want.


Knowing about your pet’s DNA is vital to improving your pet’s wellness. Knowing about your pet’s DNA will allow you to be proactive when it comes to your pet’s health. It helps your vet to better treat your pet. It will also help you to understand your pet’s personality, which will make training them.

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