Check If You Can Claim Your Animal as an Emotional Support Animal

emotional support animal

Dealing with the pain, fear, and distress of an illness or a disability can be difficult. While medication and therapy can help manage symptoms, many people also find comfort in their pets, often called “emotional support animals.” While it may be helpful to have an ESA with your doctor’s recommendation to alleviate your disability, how do you know if you have an emotional support animal at home or not? Here in this blog, you will know how to check to claim whether you have an emotional support animal or not.

What Is an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a companion animal (often a cat or dog, but can be any domesticated animal species) that provides calming, therapeutic benefits to its owner via companionship and affection. These benefits might include relief from anxiety, depression, and other stressors.

What Are The Benefits Of Emotional Support Animals?

It’s well-documented that animals can do wonders for your health and many scientific studies have supported the idea that emotional support animals can help people suffering from mental health conditions. Other benefits of emotional support animals are:

Dogs can provide a lot of comfort feeling to people who are suffering from any kind of trauma.

  • When you pet a dog it also decreases your anxiety level.
  • Your pup can help you cope with certain kinds of traumas.
  • Emotional supports also help you to decrease perception and blood pressure.
  • It gives you a sense of purpose in your life by taking care of them.
  • Emotional support animals give you companionship which decreases loneliness.

Check If You Can Claim Your Animal As an Emotional Support Animal

An emotional support animal has certain qualities in them which give them this title. Here are some qualities

  • Sometimes, people with disabilities and mental health conditions like anxiety or depression may need assistance from a support animal to get through their day. An emotional support animal can be helpful by giving comfort and warmth to someone who suffers from panic attacks or social phobias such as being around another person. If your pet has this quality then you can claim him as an emotional support animal (ESA).
  • Emotional support animals do not need any training because they have a natural ability to provide companionship and love.
  • Emotional support animals come under the federal fair housing act. According to this act, the person who is looking after the pet must be lacking certain cognitive and physical abilities. That prove to be challenging in day-to-day living. The animal must provide some type of support related to these identified disabilities.

If you want to check whether your pet is an emotional support animal or not you can check it at American services pet.


Emotional support animals can help people deal with their mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. With the help of an ESA, a person can feel more relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings. This article will help you identify whether your animal is an emotional support animal or not.

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