Best Cat Litter for Someone with Allergies

best cat litter

Cat litter has come a long way since the first kitty litter was introduced. Today, there are plenty of options for cat owners to choose from, including natural and organic choices. Those who have cat allergies need to use a litter that won’t trigger the allergies and won’t aggravate the condition. This article will look at the best cat litter for someone with allergies and how to select the best cat litter?

Features of Best Cat Litter

The ideal cat litter is the one that causes fewer allergies and can easily scoop out the feces. There are some features of the best cat litter, these aspects help in reducing allergies and make sure that you can easily clean the litter box. Some ideal features of the best cat litter are

Must Be Dust Free

If you suffer from allergies, a cat litter’s dust content will be more important to you. Whether it is the dust that your cat kicks up or the silica crystals themselves, latex and dander become airborne at every turn addition to scratchy granules. The product that doesn’t generate any dust is the absolute best for your safety since you are already allergic.

No Scent

Many kinds of cat litter out there right now use scents to cover up smells. However, this can cause a great deal of harm to allergy sufferers. However, scented cat litters are highly likely to cause allergic reactions and it can be very serious. So a scent-free product is the best one.


Sodium bentonite is a common chemical that serves to make ordinary litter clumps for improved cat disposal. However, sodium bentonite is an irritant, so it would be advisable to steer clear of this ingredient if you are or suspect you to be allergic.

Size Of Pellets

When deciding on the size of your litter, it’s important to consider whether it’s designed for a mechanical litter box or not. Ideally, small grain litter is best in the case of a mechanical litter box and larger pellets are best if you have a long hair cat as there are fewer chances of getting caught in the fur.

Disposal Method

There are different methods to dispose of litter. As for some litter you need a bag to dispose them of. For others that are biodegradable, you can easily flush them in your toilet. So when selecting the best litter always check whether it is biodegradable or not as it is one of the main features of the best cat litter.

Everybody has their personal opinion when choosing a cat litter. If you are looking for cat litter always select the best cat litter for someone with allergies.


Cat allergies are a big problem for many people and finding the right litter to combat this issue can be difficult. By using this guide you will be able to select the right litter and make a big difference in your life. So what are you waiting for?  Visit your local store today and pick out an allergy-friendly litter!

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