Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

  • on March 31, 2022
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Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

If it seems like your cat is following you, you are not alone. Cats are known to follow their owners around everywhere they go, but the reasons for this habit may come as a surprise to you. There are unique reasons for their amusing behavior, ranging from health problems to just being a typical cat.

Cat loves being with you

Don’t be concerned! Your cat is, in fact, a big fan of yours. Cats have built real and one-of-a-kind ties with their human carers due to their long-term association with humans. While spending time with their favorite person and becoming interested in the things you do, your cat is most interested in the times of day when you might be doing something other than just sitting on the couch. Those activities are significantly more interesting to your feline companion than just watching you gaze at a computer monitor.

Cats are attention seekers

The week goes by so quickly that you are often surprised to discover that it is the middle of the week and you have not yet made it to the grocery shop. When it comes to taking time out of our hectic schedules to give our dogs the care they need, our pets might sometimes be “left behind.”

cat lover

Your cat may discover that the most effective method to get you to pat them, play with them, or share good food with them is to make their presence known, including following you around the house. Make sure you comply and provide your cat plenty of love, attention, and everyday enrichment opportunities consistently to ensure that your feline partner remains a happy and healthy kitten.

Cats are smell lovers

Fortunately, there is a restroom nearby to help you out. It’s no secret that there are unpleasant odors to contend with wherever there are toilets and showers. Your cat is a connoisseur of scents, and the bathroom, in particular, provides a plethora of intriguing scents that appeal to their natural feline tendencies.

Whether your cat appreciates a nice cool location to rest on or the soothing sound of flowing water, the bathroom may rapidly become a feline playground. Cats also discover that your kitchen, laundry area, and bedroom are full of odors. They may be activities they must investigate and play with.

Bad stomach or different food

If your cat is following you around the house, they may be attempting to convey a need to you. Also, they may be attempting to indicate a desire to eat with you. Unlike kids, cats love to cry or beg for food while you are on the toilet. There is nothing quite like a visit from your cat when you are in the middle of the toilet.

Furthermore, much like toddlers, the breakfast you served them could not have been satisfying or may have left them wanting more. It might indicate that your cat needs a change in food or is suffering from gastrointestinal problems. Obvious caution should be used while feeding your cat since feline obesity may result in serious health problems. But as your cat ages, their dietary and activity requirements shift, according to the ASPCA. To ensure that your cat obtains the nutrients it needs, see your veterinarian. It is in cases if you notice that your cat is losing weight, their coat is looking dull, or if they continue to follow you even after you have offered them food.

Cat having sickness

The fact that cats cannot express themselves verbally means that they rely on their body language to transmit their emotions. Pet cats may communicate with their bodies in various ways. Still, a cat that is suffering from an illness or who is feeling extremely agitated may exhibit more pronounced body movements and behaviors. The following you about or seeking to be as near to you as possible are examples of these behaviors.

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