When and How to Give Your Cat a Bath

  • on March 21, 2022
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When and How to Give Your Cat a Bath

Whether you just got a furry little fella to keep you company or you’ve already been a
legitimate cat owner like Taylor Swift and her tabby cats-you must know by now that you
can’t just agree to disagree with the “bath situation” between you and your cat.
Don’t cats clean after themselves?
Yes, that is right. Since cats are good at keeping themselves clean, they don’t need a
regular bath time. You may notice most of them just obsessively cleaning up by licking off
the dirt from their paw or fur.
Here’s another catch: cats don’t like getting wet. Some owners find it a battle to give their
cats a bath for the reason that most of them are not actually a fan of water.
How to bathe my cat and survive
How should you give your cat a bath and survive unscathed? We recommend the following
steps to protect yourself and your cat from getting hurt:

  1. Be gentle and make them comfortable – Your bathroom and water heater set-up will
    come in handy for your cats. A study shows that cats get more comfortable taking a
    bath with warm water and in a bathtub where the tap is adjustable from their body and
    head. The technique is also to let them stand on a non-slippery rubber mat placed on
    the bathtub and to only turn on the water once they have already ground themselves on
    the bathtub.
  2. Ask for assistance – Having another set can help you keep your cat from escaping
    during bath time especially when this is going to be their first time.
  3. Use a cat-friendly shampoo – Choose a product that is proven and tested to be catfriendly as well. Some cat shampoos can also remove fleas. Don’t use human or dog
  4. Prepare treats – To reward your cat from time to time to let them know they are doing
    well. Good reinforcement will also help to keep them calm.
  5. Use a wet towel – to wash your cat’s face and remove excess shampoo.
  6. Dry them properly – Tap dry with a large towel to help them get dry in a clean and dry
    area. You may also use a hairdryer. Make sure not to jolt them with the sound of the
  7. Praise your cat – praise and give them a treat for a very calm bath session. In time,
    they’ll come to love these sessions, and you’ll have fewer problems with them in the
    What calls for bath time?
    Although given that they like to tidy up while preferring to stay dry and sleep most of the
    time, there are still reasons to give your cat a bath. These are factors when to consider you
    need to help them take a bath why:
  8. Fleas – Fleas are a common problem for pet owners who have active cats. They can
    cause a lot of health problems to your feline friend called flea allergy dermatitis. This
    allergic reaction from one flea bite can cause them to itch non-stop for almost four
    weeks. Flea-infested cats also have signs of balding on their backsides or behind their
  9. They still get filthy sometimes – Most cats, especially the big cats, cannot especially
    reach all the necessary spots when cleaning up with their tongue. Signs of fur not
    getting groomed properly are dry or matted.
  10. To avoid matted fur – Matted fur happens when your cat is not grooming themselves
    regularly or is having a hard time reaching that area. However, if matted fur still pops up
    from your cat’s fur, you should immediately consult your vet. Matted fur is sometimes a
    sign that there’s something wrong with your feline friend.
    Survive without a Scratch
    Knowing when to bathe your pet and how to do it is a great help to reduce your risk of both
    of you getting hurt. Your cat will love you more, and the best thing out of this? They’ll come
    to love bath time in the future!
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